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Beam grip

with ratchet, forged steel

The timber clamp wrenches with ratchet is an indispensable aid for the modern carpenter. The timber clamp wrenches is in its element for tensioning, pulling and pressing beams together when the roof timbering is erected. Without the timber clamp wrenches joining two beams is much more complicated.

timber clamp wrenches = saves strength

Product advantages:

• Drop-forged hook

• No danger of splintering when hammered down

• High quality worked thread spindle

• Ergonomic runner handle

• Ratchet length 320 mm for optimum load transmission

• Handling possible on both sides thanks to right/left switchover

• Opening up to 600 mm

• Proven top quality


Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
Span up to 600 mm
Wingspread: up to 23" 5/8 Inch
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