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Slab grip

with ratchet

Slab grip = less force required

The slab grip with ratchet is an indispensable aid for craftsmen. Whether you are constructing a roof framework or installing prefabricated timber construction components, the beam grip/slab grip allows you to pretension timbers quickly and easily.

Slab grip properties
• Boss plate rotates through 360°
• 11 attachment holes per boss plate:
→ 8 x Ø 9 mm, → 3 x Ø 12 mm
• Maximum span: 670 mm
Advantages of the slab grip
• Minimal processing marks thanks to attachment with timber-construction screws
• Suitable for hard-to-reach locations (e.g. in angled areas such as roof slopes, etc.)
• Allows corner joints to be drawn together
• Suitable for timber types with an increased risk of cracking and splintering


Art. no. Designation PU
span up to 26"3⁄8 inch

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