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Eurotec fall arrest system

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Eurotec fall arrest system

To match the Eurotec protection helmets, we would like to present another form of protection for those working at a height.
The Eurotec fall arrest system consists of a 100% polyester full body harness, a 100% nylon rope (15 m) and a fall arrest device with fasteners. Especially during work at a height, e.g. on buildings, it is especially important to have equipment that complies with the applicable standards. This can prevent a potential fall from a height and therefore a wide range of injuries.

Advantages and product properties
• Full body harness: in accordance with EN 353-2, the minimum load-bearing capacity is 22 kN
• Karabiner: static load capacity of 25 kN
• Guided fall arrester with fasteners
• No jerky deceleration due to energy absorber
• Guided fall arrester with fasteners (removable)

• Full body harness in accordance with EN 361
• Karabiner in accordance with EN 362:2004
• Rope in accordance with EN 353-2:2002
• Fall arrest device in accordance with EN 358:2001 / EN 365:2005

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