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Silent EPDM decoupling profile

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Silent EPDM decoupling profile

for sound insulation and material separation

The decoupling profile is used for sound insulation and material separation in timber and solid timber construction. The decoupling strip serves as a sound-insulating profile strip between timber parts and ensures physical and mechanical separation of adjoining components. As a result, it prevents the transfer of vibration from footfall/structure-borne sound.

• Versatile applications
• Can be individually cut to size (supplied as a roll)
• Ageing-resistant
• UV-stable
• Ozone-resistant

• Density: approx. 1.4 g/cm³
• Usage temperature: -30°C – +90°C

Instructions for use
Cut the decoupling profile to the desired length and place it in the chosen position, then fasten it in place at intervals of approx. 40–60 cm, for example using the Eurotec hammer tacker. 

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