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XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate

To expand our Profi-Line series of adjustable pedestals, we are now offering the new XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate. The PRO XS/XXS adjustable pedestals are supplied with both an L adapter and a stone adapter. Furthermore, the new XXS adjustable pedestal can be combined with up to two XXS extension plates to increase its height.

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Der Eurotec Isolierdübel eignet sich für direkte Verankerungen in Styropor, Hartschaumplatten und anderen Weichbaustoffen.

Die konische Form des Dübels sorgt dabei dafür, dass das Material im Bereich des Einschraubpunktes verdichtet wird und gewährleistet somit einen sicheren Halt des Dübels.

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EN Terrassen-Gartenbau_2018_Vorschaubild.jpg

The new deck construction and landscaping catalogue 2018 is available!

Also this year the decking sector offers many new products. 

Order the new printing version or download a free PDF file from our homepage. 
Find out more here … 

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Fascia profile

The new fascia profile is used to cover the top end or the butt joints of the decking. Its special surface allows the fascia profile to ensure a non-slip footing even in wet conditions.

Thanks to its flat geometry, the fascia profile does not present a tripping hazard.

Our fascia profile can be freely combined with all commercially available deck boards.

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28.03.2018 Umzug Maschinen_4.jpg

Move to the new production hall

Today is the day! The move of the first machines into the new production hall has already begun.

The necessary construction measures have largely been completed, so that the remaining machines can soon also be relocated and our storage capacities can be expanded.

We will keep you informed with the picture gallery and on Facebook.

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Assembly connector

The Eurotec assembly connector is used as a supportive and preparatory element for connecting two timber elements in systems building.
The assembly connector is set into a groove positioned at any chosen location on the construction elements. It consists of two interlocking parts.
Once the elements are inserted, the assembly connector is concealed inside the wall.

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16.02.2018 Büro.jpg

We are building a new production hall

From now on, we will provide you with images – updated on a weekly basis – of progress on the construction of our new production hall. Check our website or Facebook page regularly for updates…

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Deck fascia board mount

The Eurotec deck fascia board mount can be used with the Pro M and L adjustable pedestals. It was developed to allow users to create a visually attractive border on the deck.
The deck fascia board mount consists of :
 base plate 
 side bracket

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Steel screw clamp

The new steel screw clamp from Eurotec is suitable for universal applications. With its fixed and sliding jaws made of malleable cast iron, in conjunction with its cast iron sliding bar, the screw clamp is highly robust. 

The non-slip handle prevents the hand from slipping, while the pads prevent slippage of the workpiece.

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Bit holder

Eurotec’s bit holders are the ideal accessory for any tradesperson, allowing them to work in hard-to-reach areas. They offer ease of operation with their quick-change function, whereby the bit can be changed simply by pressing lightly on the head or by pushing back the orange ring.

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Cavity fixing

Our cavity fixings with a metric screw are the optimum solution for any fastening involving a cavity. Assembly is easy using the corresponding Eurotec circlip pliers or even just a screwdriver. Simply tighten the fixing until it holds firm. The premounted screw can be loosened and unscrewed – or fixed to the component – without causing the fixing to lose its grip. The screw can also be replaced with another fastening element with a metric thread of the same size.

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Das Alu-Systemprofil.jpg

Aluminium profiles available in new lengths

From now on our aluminium profiles are available in a lenght of 2,4 m

We would like to inform you, that we extended our range of aluminium profiles. The following profiles for deck construction are not only available in the common lenght of 4,0 m but from now on also in the length of 2,4 m:

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with eight snap-off blades

The Eurotec cutter has eight replaceable snap-off blades with a width of 18 mm. It is equipped with a removable blade magazine and provides automatic blade feeding when the slider is pushed forwards.

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Mammutec screw

The Mammutec screw is ideal for attaching wooden flooring with a thickness of up to 60 mm. Thanks to its excellent corrosion resistance, the Mammutec screw is especially suited to the construction of jetties and piers.

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EPDM-Entkopplungsprofil_Vorschaubild_grauer Hintergrund_320x200px.jpg

Silent EPDM decoupling profile

for sound insulation and material separation

The decoupling profile is used for sound insulation and material separation in timber and solid timber construction. The decoupling strip serves as a sound-insulating profile strip between timber parts and ensures physical and mechanical separation of adjoining components. As a result, it prevents the transfer of vibration from footfall/structure-borne sound.

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Single-use lifting strap

The single-use lifting strap is ideal for transporting goods from the production facility to the consumer. In accordance with DIN 60005, single-use lifting straps can only be used once and must be destroyed and disposed of at the end of the transport chain. They can be recognised above all by the orange label with a notice regarding single use. 

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Eurotec fall arrest system

To match the Eurotec protection helmets, we would like to present another form of protection for those working at a height.
The Eurotec fall arrest system consists of a 100% polyester full body harness, a 100% nylon rope (15 m) and a fall arrest device with fasteners. Especially during work at a height, e.g. on buildings, it is especially important to have equipment that complies with the applicable standards. This can prevent a potential fall from a height and therefore a wide range of injuries.

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Measuring tools

for both DIY and professional use

We are delighted to inform you that we are extending our product range with a line of measuring tools.
You will soon be able to purchase the following tools from us:

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Eurotec Level Max

The Level Max air cushion is an inflatable assembly cushion with a built-in pump that is used to raise, align and position windows, doors, furniture, cupboards and household appliances.

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