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Eurotec Stone-System

It has never been so easy to build stone patios!

Construct high-quality stone patios quickly and easily

The innovative Eurotec Stone System is a multifunctional installation system for combining different deck coverings. The simple assembly process minimises the effort involved in building a patio.


The new Stone System from Eurotec minimises the effort required to construct a patio. You simply need a load-bearing subsurface, Eurotec’s Stone System and, of course, the chosen stone slabs as patio flooring. In this completely new type of system, so-called “Stone Clips” are used to lay the stone slabs on a special aluminium substructure. The aluminium substructure lies either directly on the subsurface or on adjustable pedestals. The adjustable pedestals allow you to set up the entire substructure in an extremely time-saving and straightforward manner. 

Advantages and properties:

• Maximum efficiency

→ Cost savings in planning thanks to grid-based/modular construction

→ Cost savings in materials

→ Cost savings in fabrication

• Time-saving and straightforward installation

• Custom surface design

→ Stone slabs can be combined with timber or WPC, for example

→ Compatible with visible and invisible Eurotec deck-board fasteners 

• Mortar-less installation

→ Patio can be walked on immediately

• Precise joint pattern • Long-lasting

• Certified, high load-bearing capacity

• Supply pipes can be installed under the stone slabs easily, even after the patio is laid

• Maintenance work can be carried out easily at any time, for example on drainage shafts, supply pipes or roofing (in the case of roof terraces)

• Lower unladen weight than conventional substructures

• The height of the adjustable pedestals can be varied; this system is therefore suitable for a wide range of patio heights installed near to the ground  





Aluminium system profile EVO


Corner connector EVO


Aluminium system profile connector EVO


Aluminium profile drilling screw




Aluminium system profile EVO Black Edition


Extension rings


PRO adjustable pedestal XS / S


PRO adjustable pedestal M


PRO adjustable pedestal L