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Visible fixing

Substructure: wood

The deck board fastenings are visible.

These are screwed directly, from the upper side of

the boards. The screw heads are therefore visible.

The distance strip functions as a spacer.


Innovative solutions for all types of substructure and deck boards

Deck boards can be fastened in different ways, depending on the type of wood. We provide innovative solutions that enable your individual requirements and wishes for fastening your deck boards.

Visible fixing of decking

Distance strip

Substructure: wood

Deck substructures made of wood are suitable individually for fastening the deck boards with visible or hidden fasteners. The distance strip is particularly suitable for the visible fastening of decks, it acts as a spacer and enables freedom of movement between panel and substructure.

At the same time, it supports air circulation underneath the deck; if this is not done, the result is rotting.

Normal wood screws are used to screw the boards onto wood substructures.

Important: pilot drilling must always be carried out where hardwood/tropical woods are used!



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