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Deck substructure

The essential part for well done decking

For a stable and durable hardwood deck,

it is very important to build the substructure correctly.



Accessories - Aids for laying deck boards

To enable rainwater to flow correctly from your wood deck, the deck must decline from the house at an angle of 2°. Only in this way can you guarantee that the decking remains attractive for a long time.

To balance the deck perfectly we recommend an aluminium substructure with adjusting feet. To ensure that weeds do not grow underneath the deck, the root control fleece underlay is placed first onto the prepared deck floor. The matching adjusting feet are then distributed over this, depending on the condition of the ground, and the aluminium profiles are screwed on.

Adjustable feet

Working with adjustable feet:

Screw the adjustable foot to the aluminium or wood substructure,

adjust the height by screwing the adjusting unit,

that‘s it! With the exception of Minifoot,

the bearing plate with the bracket can

be freely rotated.

Adjustable feet ECO-Line

Deck accessories


Aluminium system profile

The alternative to wood deck substructures


In contrast to wood substructures,

the profile is dimensionally stable.

There are no faults, cracks, etc. caused

by the weather, as with wood

when used as a building material.

TerrassenTragsystem HKP.jpg

Deck support System HKP

For bridging wider spans


One system, many advantages:

• High load bearing capability

• Large support widths

• High dimensional stability and evenness

• Low dead load

• Attractive, clean enclosed frame