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Wood construction screw

Paneltwistec and Hobotec

Our range of screws for every range of application is as varied as building with wood!


The right screw for each application range


Corrosion protection

blue+ is an innovative coating system with greater corrosion resistance than traditional electrogalvanised surfaces.

In the blue+ system a sealant is applied to a galvanised surface and reacts with it. In this way, any weak points in the galvanising are safely sealed and protected.

The sealant is free of hexavalent chromium oxide, which is classified among other things as being hazardous to the environment. Surfaces treated with blue+ are very resistant to mechanical stress.

• More corrosion-resistant than traditional galvanising

• Usable in service classes 1 and 2

• Free of hexavalent chromium oxide

• Resistant to mechanical stress


Screw tip AG

Thanks to the special geometry of the AG screw tip the screwing torque is greatly reduced, ie it is easier to screw the screw in.

In comparison with traditional screw tips, this leads to a reduced splitting effect during screwing.

• Faster, easier screwing

• Reduced splitting effect

• With building authority approval


Hobotec screws enable simple, fast and clean connections of wood to wood. These screws are used in particular in applications where there is an increased danger of cracking and splitting. The new type of thread and the innovative drill point enable a clean fit and high extraction resistance values.


• No pilot drilling required

• No cracking or splitting in narrow edge areas

• No hammering of the screws through Tec drive

Specially suitable for: applications in model construction, stairs construction, façade construction for carpentry work, joinery and roofing.