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Deck support System HKP

For bridging wider spans

One system, many advantages:

• High load bearing capability

• Large support widths

• High dimensional stability and evenness

• Low dead load

• Attractive, clean enclosed frame


Simply cut into the profile, connect and screw together!

Cut into the front end of the bearing profile
Insert the edge profile and fasten with Bighty screws
A clean, loadbearing result

The new deck support system is an aluminium substructure which, depending on the required useful load, enables spans of up to 3 m.

The support system can be customised flexibly for different requirements. The support system is used mainly for ground-level decks where only a few support bearings can be used.

Mounted decks, load-bearing balconies and groundlevel overhanging decks are also part of the flexible application of this system.

The deck support system consists of three components, which can be put together to form a load-bearing and enclosed frame.

Bighty driling screw

Stainless steel, hardened

For fastening wood to steel or steel to steel

  • Special coating
  • stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088

  • Washer A2 and EPDM

  • Drilling capacity 5 mm


Art. no. : 945666

Dimension : 5,5 x 25 mm

Spanner gap : SW 8

Washer Ø: 16 mm

PU : 500 pcs


Aluminium support-profile HKP


Aluminium support-profile connector HKP


Aluminium fascia profile HKP