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KonstruX XT SL1 & SL 2

TemplateCase SL 1 for KonstruX Ø 6.5 mm; TemplateCase SL 1 for KonstruX Ø 8,0 mm


The case set consists of a top part and four bottom parts, a set of mounting screws and a long bit.

This means that when a beam is mounted the next beam can be pre-mounted on the ground.

Using the top and bottom part: The bottom parts are used with main and secondary beam connection, for example, as a support aid. The set of screws is used to install the bottom parts and as a tension bolt to avoid clearances between the beams.

The screws are countersunk with the long bit, where necessary. The upper part is fitted with fixing drill holes in order to achieve an even clearance for screwing the KonstruX screws in the connection of main and secondary beams.

The screw clearance can be set individually in this way and fixed, the screwing angle is preset and cannot be changed because it is a fixed angle value

аополнительная информация
Арт.-№ Обозначение Размеры
945453 KonstruX Setzlehre SL1; Aluminium für 6,5mm Schrauben
945452 KonstruX Setzlehre SL2; Aluminium für 8,0mm Schrauben

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