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Eurotec protective helmet
The Eurotec protective helmet is certified according to EN 397. Its ten ventilation slots provide ideal ventilation but prevent dirt from entering thanks to their net covering.
The helmet also features four-point suspension and a preinstalled four-point nylon chinstrap that guarantees a safe and secure fit. Thanks to a control dial system (at the back), the helmet can be adjusted easily to the correct head size (51–62 cm) and therefore offers maximum wearing comfort. Four clips on the outside additionally allow the attachment of external equipment (e.g. a head torch).
Advantages and product properties
  • Optimum protection for work at a height and at ground level
  • Control dial system allows adjustment to head size
    • Adjustable head size from 51 to 62 cm
  • Efficient ventilation system thanks to 10 ventilation slots
  • Four-point nylon chinstrap
  • Lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear
  • Certified according to EN 397


Tabela artykułu

Nr art. Rozmiar głowy Masa Kolor Opak. Kod EAN
800399 51 - 62 cm 375 g różowy 1 sztuk 4251314719355
800398 51 - 62 cm 375 g Biały 1 sztuk 4251314719348
800397 51 - 62 cm 375 g czarny 1 sztuk 4251314719331

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