Calculation Services

Deck software

This innovative software was developed to make it easier to plan the materials you need for deck construction. Once a few key parameters are entered, the application offers you a choice of suitable products for the substructure, the substructure support, and the materials for fastening the deck boards in place.

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ECS calculation program

PanelTwistec, TopDuo and KonstruX Software

The ECS-software allows you to:

  • prepare a calculation aid for Main -/ Secondory beam connection, beam doubling and support reinforcemenrt
  • create a calculation aid for on-roof insulatioin with PanelTwistec or TopDuo.
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EiSYS-2 façade/adjusting screw

Software calculation for using EiSYS

With the online dimensioning software we give our customers an opportunity to calculate themselves how many EiSYS adjusting screws should be used for a project.

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