KonstruX Countersunk head, stainless steel A4


KonstruX Countersunk head, stainless steel A4

KonstruX fully threaded screw 

KonstruX fully threaded screw 

  • High extraction resistance 
  • Strong joints

Benefits of NEW drill point 

  • Reduced screwing torque 
  • Greater extraction resistance

One system for all timber-frameconstruction joints 

  • Applications in timber engineering and carpentry, timber-frameconstruction, hall construction, construction of timber elements,renovation of ceilings, etc. 
  • Maximum load transmissionKonstruX fully threaded screws maximise a joint‘s load-bearing capacitywith a high thread-extraction resistance in both components. If partiallythreaded screws are used, the joint‘s load-bearing capacity is limited bythe considerably lower head pull-through resistance in the attached part. 
  • Time savingA time- and cost-saving alternative to traditional connections or timberjoints such as joist hangers, joist supports, etc. 
  • Timber has a low transverse compressive and shear strength.KonstruX fully threaded screws are inserted into the timber forreinforcement. The KonstruX “takes on” a large proportion of the forces. 
  • Doubling up of joists, for example, increases the load-bearing capacity offloor joists and reduces bending. Here, KonstruX fully threaded screwsjoin the components together in a displacement-resistant manner. 
  • Hidden connections, high fire-resistance, no thermal bridges 
  • No pilot-drilling required in accordance with approval/ETA From screwlengths ≥ 245 mm, however, pilot-drilling to 1/3 of the screw length isadvisable to guide the screw in the right direction (no screw wandering). 
  • The required edge and centre distances can be minimised for screws thatare only exposed to tension.


CAD data


DWG data KonstruX Countersunk head, stainless steel A4

Art. no. Dimensions Drive PU EAN
905750 10,0 x 160 mm TX50 25 4251314729095
905751 10,0 x 200 mm TX50 25 4251314729101
905752 10,0 x 220 mm TX50 25 4251314729118
905753 10,0 x 240 mm TX50 25 4251314729125
905754 10,0 x 260 mm TX50 25 4251314729132
905755 10,0 x 280 mm TX50 25 4251314729149
905756 10,0 x 300 mm TX50 25 4251314729156
905757 10,0 x 350 mm TX50 25 4251314729163
905758 10,0 x 400 mm TX50 25 4251314729170

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