Stainless steel TX-Bit 1/4" x 50 mm


Stainless steel TX-Bit 1/4" x 50 mm

With the colour-guide system from Eurotec

Eurotec’s Stainless Steel Long Bits are especially suitable for screwing in stainless steel screws. They mean that this process does not result in the abrasion of other steels, effectively preventing the risk of corrosion and avoiding expensive follow-up costs due to the formation of rust on stainless steel.

The bits come in various Torx sizes and are differentiated as follows under Eurotec's colour-guide system:

  • white TX10; brown TX15; yellow TX20; blue TX 25; red TX30

Product advantages

  • Prevention of surface corrosion
  • Prevention of follow-up costs due to flash rust
  • Stainless steel screws remain rust-free
  • Wear-resistant 
Art. no. Drive PU EAN
500055 TX10 20 4251314702081
500056 TX15 20 4251314702098
500057 TX20 20 4251314702104
500058 TX25 20 4251314702111
500059 TX30 20 4251314702128