Scafforld ratchet 19/22


Scafforld ratchet 19/22

The “must-have” tool for scaffolding and stage construction

This professional scaffolding ratchet was developed specially for the construction and dismantling of scaffolds of all kinds. It can be used for all common nuts, couplings and special couplings that arise in scaffold construction. This ratchet is a tool for professional users and stands up to the requirements of the scaffold construction industry. High-quality chromium/vanadium steel, a double socket with multiple stages of annealing, and a large switch for the clockwise and anticlockwise directions of rotation make this scaffolding ratchet a “must-have” tool for stage and scaffold construction. Other key features of this versatile product include a forged shaft and a long service life.


  • Made of high-quality chromium/vanadium steel
  • Double socket with multiple stages of annealing
  • Switch for clockwise or anticlockwise rotation
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Easy operation
  • Allows flexible working
Art. no. Spanner gap PU EAN
800386 19 - 22 2 4251314702586