Fall arresting system


Fall arresting system

The fall arresting system consists of a full body harness, a rope and a fall arrest device with a fastener.

There is one karabiner for fastening at the end of the 15 m rope as well as a further karabiner on the fastener.

Especially during work at a height, e.g. on buildings, it is particularly important that equipment comply with the applicable standards. This can prevent a potential fall from a height and therefore a wide range of injuries.


  • The full body harness is made of 100% polyester (45 mm).
  • The rope is made of 100% nylon (diameter Ø: 14 mm, length: 15 metres).


  • Full body harness: in accordance with EN 353-2, the minimum load-bearing capacity is 22 kN
  • Karabiner: static load capacity of 25 kN
  • Guided fall arrester with fastener
  • No jerky deceleration due to energy absorber
  • Guided fall arrester with fastener (removable)
  • The fall arresting system comes supplied with an inspection card. The card provides you with an overview of whether the product has been inspected regularly and is ready for its next use.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – SAFE & WORK Fall arresting system

Art. no. Material PU EAN
800379 Polyester, Nylon 1 4251314721785