Tension rod pressure plate

The tension rods 340 / 440 are moulded sheet steel parts especially for timber frame construction for transfer of tensile forces. They enable quick and easy base point anchoring of wooden elements in wood, steel or concrete substrates. The tension rods are particularly sturdy and can withstand high stresses.


Galvanised S355 construction steel


  • Short root face (150 mm) 
  • Indirect fixing due to an intermediate layer (e.g. OSB) 
  • For installation in wood and concrete 
  • Optimised screw pattern for very high tensile capacities 
  • The tensile force can also be increased in combination with the pressure plate

Instructions for use 

The tension rods are placed on the planking in the floor area and fastened to the stem and, if necessary, to the sole plate with screws or anchor nails. In this regard, the connection can safely transfer tensile, suction and shearing forces into the tension rod via the screws and finally into the base plates via a dowel.

Product table

Art. no. Designation Dimension Material Material thickness PU EAN
954110 Tension rod pressure plate 50 x 58 mm S355 construction steel 10 mm 1 Pieces 4251314728692