Tension rod HighLoad


Tension rod HighLoad

The tension rod HighLoad is a steel plate shaped part which transimits immense tensile forces in timber constructions. It was specially developed for this purpose. The tension rod withstands the requirements of modern timber construction and is used for complex hall structures or multi-storey buildings. It can also be used to absorb particularly high loads.


  • Galvanised S355 construction steel
  • Material thickness: 3 mm


  • Short root face (150 mm)
  • Ideal for anchoring cross-laminated timber elements (CLT)
  • Indirect fixing due to an intermediate layer (e. g. OSB)
  • For installation in concrete, wood and steel
  • Optimised screw pattern and geometry for very high tensile capacities


  • European Technical Assessment ETA-19/0020


ETA Approval: ETA-19/0020

Object of approval:

Three-dimensional nailing plate (hold-downs for timber-to-timber or timber-to-concrete or steel connections)

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Data sheets


Product data sheet – Tension rod HighLoad

CAD data


DWG data Tension rod HighLoad

Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
954114 Tension rod HighLoad 750 x 140 x 85 mm 1 4251314733559
954178 Druckplatte HighLoad 130 x 82 x 40 mm 1 4251314733566

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