Pressure plate HighLoad


Pressure plate HighLoad


  • Galvanised S355 construction steel


  • Short root face (150 mm)
  • Ideal for anchoring cross-laminated timber elements (CLT)
  • Indirect fixing due to an intermediate layer (e. g. OSB)
  • For installation in concrete, wood and steel
  • Optimised screw pattern and geometry for very high tensile capacities

Instructions for user

The tension rods are positioned on the planking in the floor area to mark the drill hole. The tension rod is then put aside to drill and clean the hole, and finally the tension rod is glued in using injection mortar. Now the tension rod incl. pressure plate can be positioned and fastened to the stem or wooden element with WBS screws or anchor nails. Finally, the nut is screwed onto the an-chor rod using the relevant torque. The connection can safely transfer tensile, suction and shearing forces into the tension rod via the screws and finally into the base plates via a dowel. 

Edge and centre distances according to EC5 as well as the curing time and tightening torque of the concrete anchor must be observed.

ETA Approval: ETA-19/0020

Object of approval:

Three-dimensional nailing plate (hold-downs for timber-to-timber or timber-to-concrete or steel connections)

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Data sheets


Product data sheet – Pressure plate HighLoad

Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
954114 Tension rod HighLoad 750 x 140 x 85 mm 1 4251314733559
954178 Druckplatte HighLoad 130 x 82 x 40 mm 1 4251314733566

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