DrainTec Clip


DrainTec Clip

The DrainTec Clip is used to attach the drainage grate by simply clicking on it and ensures that the drain grate can be loosened later.

The DrainTec drainage unit focuses on the connection detail of building openings, e.g. door connection areas or transitions from vertical facade surfaces to horizontal terrace surfaces . Due to its special geometry, it is able to "catch" the rain. The water thus passes directly to the seal or into the gutter, without burdening the door element or the cladding with reflective (back splash) water. Heavy rain is drained off in a controlled manner. The flat geometry (21x140 mm) makes it possible to combine with commercially available decking boards or porcelain stoneware tiles.

*Comes supplied with screws




Product data sheet – DrainTec + DrainTec Clip + Systemprofile EVO

CAD data


DWG data DrainTec Clip

Art. no. Dimensions Material PU EAN
975635 144 x 20 x 16,5 mm Stainless steel 2* 4251314725752