Rock concrete screw, hexagonal BIM, stainless steel A2


Rock concrete screw, hexagonal BIM A2

Suitable for our PediX post feet and Robusto deck pedestal

The Rock concrete screw hexagonal BIM A2 is the practical alternative to traditional plugs and a special screw for anchoring in concrete.

The Rock concrete screw is screwed directly into the drill hole without a plug or other additional components. As it is screwed in, the thread cuts a mating thread into the subsurface. This type of installation is not only very easy, but also impresses with is minimum assembly time and maximum cost savings.

The BIM A2 Rock concrete screw is suitable for attaching steel or plastic components to concrete, if the connection is permanently exposed to weather conditions. The advantage of a dowel-less anchorage is the low spreading effect in the anchorage base. The connection can be detached again later.


  • No spreading effect, thus low axis and edge distances
  • Instantly loadable, therefore no waiting times
  • Low borehole depths and small borehole diameters
  • Usable for permanently weathered external parts

Material properties

BI-metal A2-70 stainless steel concrete screw with hardened carbon steel tip, galvanized (stainless steel according to EN 10088 under construction supervision approval Z-30.3-6)

  • Limited corrosion-resistance
  • Limited acid-resistance
  • Conditionally suitable for salty environments
  • Non-suitable for use in aggressive and chlorinated environments


Data Sheets


Product data sheet – Rock concrete screw 6kt BIM A2

CAD data


DWG data Rock concrete screw hexagonal BIM A2

Art. no. Dimensions Head Material PU EAN
110355 10,5 x 95 mm SW15 BIM A2 8 4251314716972

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