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Ceiling anchor


Ceiling anchor


Galvanised ceiling anchor

The ceiling anchor is used as a through-hole mounting for fastening substructures/joining devices into concrete. It is suitable for concrete of strength classes from C20/25 to C50/60. The ceiling anchor must only be used for fastening non-load bearing systems at multiple locations.


  • Pilot-drill the base material to the desired depth (but at least 40 mm) with a diameter of 6 mm
  • Minimum anchoring depth in the concrete: 32 mm
  • Insert the ceiling anchor through the pre-drilled attachment
  • Hammer in the pin

ETA Approval: ETA 14/0132

Generic type and use of construction product:

Anchor for multiple use for non-structural applications in concrete

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CAD data


DWG data Ceiling anchor

Art. no. Dimensions PU EAN
110000 6,0 x 40 mm 200 4250207486954
110001 6,0 x 70 mm 200 4250207489616